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Subhakar Rao - Business Empire


Champions Yacht Club is the premium yachting and water sports club in Goa. Champions Yacht Club offers exciting motor yacht charters not only on the seas but also on the lovely backwaters of Goa. Champions Yacht Club brings all the ultra-luxuries yachts like Ciao Bela, Sunshine, Sea Ray 290, Azimut 39, Prestige 36, etc. Through Champions Yacht Club, clients can enjoy a first-class yachting experience at a very reasonable price. Clients can book any of the yachts on a full-day rental basis or for few hours. Champions Yacht Club has many luxury cruise packages like romantic sunset cruise, morning dolphin cruise or a full day Yacht Party with DJ in Goa. Champions Yacht Club organizes Yacht charter with drinks (both alcoholic/non-alcoholic), snacks, music and DJ parties all throughout the year. During the holiday and New Year season, Champions Yacht Club host many exciting and rocking events on yachts.

For highly discerning clients, Champions Yacht Club has come up with a membership option that aims to make highly personalized yachting and boating available to them. Client has to pay a basic entry club membership fee and get access to some of the finest yachts in the world. The rest of the dues can be paid out on a monthly instalment basis. Through this membership of Champions Yacht Club, a member can exactly feel like owning a private yacht for himself. Plus as a member, he/she will be entitled to all the water sports and other fun activities that Champions Yacht Club host from time to time in Goa. Champions Yacht Club keeps intimating all the members about their upcoming events through SMS and email.

Water Sports is gaining immense popularity in Goa. One look at around Goa and you will see plenty of them. To serve this growing demand in a much better way, Champions Yacht Club has clubbed with GTDC ( Goa Development Tourism Corporation) to bring the best of water sports in India. Apart from the regular para sailing, jet skiing, scuba diving and snorkeling, Champions Yacht Club is also bringing extreme water sports like flyboarding in Goa. Champion Yacht Club brings you an array of complete boating experiences at Mayem Lake in GOA. Whether it is a leisurely boat ride, kayaking, jet biking, zorbing, Kasmiri Shikara - the club has well-appointed boats for tourists to play on the idyllic Mayem Lake. The club has also a rest cottage with fingered shaped sofa for travelers.


Champions Vehicle has exciting vehicles offering lifestyles, water sports, ATVs, solar cars and outdoor advertising solutions. The company attempts to bring the right products and services to the discerning clients at the right price point.

There is a great demand growing for water sports in India, especially in coastal tourist place like Goa. Keeping in mind this demand, Subhakar Rao has introduced modern and all the latest exciting water sports vehicles in Goa.

Goa is ATV’s paradise. It has natural terrain which is most conducive for ATV adventure. Subhakar Rao has brought some of the best ATV bikes in Goa for the ATV enthusiast. Some of the bikes that Champions Vehicles has are the first time in India. The motto is to provide the ATV enthusiast with the entire modern beast with mean machine that will help them to conquer any track irrespective of any terrain.

Today, rising fuel costs are not only an economic concern, but increased fuel consumption is also a great environmental issue. Subhakar Rao firmly believes that its time to go green as much as possible. Champion Vehicle has procured some of the best solar powered vehicles which can last for the entire day with a full charging.

Champion Vehicle has some of the best vehicles in outdoor advertising solutions. Most prominent of the outdoor advertising vehicle is the Champion Ad Truck. With Champion Ad Truck, companies can advertise their products/services and get the best impressions from their targeted audience. Champion Ad Truck provides not only the mobility to take your marketing message to wherever you want, but it also has all the latest digital competencies to promote your product and services the most optimized way.

Champion Luxury Resorts & Homes

Champions County in Sarjapur Road is now the home of Champion Luxury Resorts and Champion Homes project. A sprawling Residential, Commercial and Hotel establishment. Champion Homes is one of the most Luxurious constructions in India with Asia’s largest crystalline pool, with an extension of more than ten acres. Conserve energy and water. This LEED Certified project being championed by Mr. Subhakar Rao will:

  • Be healthier and safer for occupants.
  • Lower operating costs and increase asset value.
  • Demonstrate commitment to environmental stewardship and social responsibility.
  • Reduce waste sent to landfills.
  • Qualify for tax rebates, zoning allowances
  • Reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

Visit Champion Homes project website for more details.


Subhakar Rao is managing director of Silpam which offers 5000 plus world class products to customers across India. An online shopping company, Silpam offers innovative products at reasonable deals. Rao oversees sales force at Silapm and leads the Strategic Accounts, Service Providers, Alliances team for the company's distribution, and direct sales solutions enhance to lifestyles around India.

Silpam has already rolled out several unique products for its customers. The products are highly durable with unique features and are built with world-class technology. All Silpam products are manufactured under strict quality assurance and aim to offer a life-time service to its users. The products also abide by the eco-friendly guidelines to reduce the carbon emissions to the environment.

Visit Silpam now to order your favorite product.

Champions Entertainment

Champions Entertainment is a pioneer in the field of event management and marketing based out of Bangalore. It organizes events, campaigns and promotion of brands. Under Subhakar Rao’s supervision, Champion’s Group has organized and sponsored more than 1000 events and campaigns and got accolades for the same. The company has achieved this superb feat in no less than 5 years since its existence. Additionally, it has also mentored several DJs, leaders and corporates in managing, creating and distributing shows and events.

Subhakar Rao - Champions Entertainment Vision

Outsourcing with a difference

Subhakar Rao Surapaneni is a trendsetter when it comes to Marketing Outsourcing in India. High quality services, lower operational costs and skilled labour have always been the forte of Outsourcing industry in India. Subhakar Rao Surapaneni has leveraged the same advantages in the field of marketing outsourcing industry. Whereas traditional IT Outsourcing is often about delegating non-core work offshore, marketing outsourcing is really some serious and strategic business activities. This industry is not only synonymous with cost cutting; but it’s more about being creative and rendering quality value-added services. Subhakar Rao Surapaneni’s innovative marketing solutions helped many companies to become more efficient, dynamic and agile in their core areas – sales and marketing.

Subhakar Rao has always been a strong advocate of the fact that marketing outsourcing is not all about reducing operational costs on sales and marketing campaigns. Rather it's more about getting an expert service to extract real-value added benefits from an ad campaign. Subhakar Rao Surapaneni's long association with all the digital marketing channels has equipped him with those rare insights to diagnose and detect the problems afflicting the sales and marketing world. And prescribe appropriate solutions for it. Hundreds of clients has benefited from Subhakar Rao's services in scaling up their business and reaching right target audience.

One of the dynamic features of Subhakar Rao's marketing abilities is to keep finding innovative marketing strategies to fuel business growth for clients. He has helped clients to get more ROI by simplifying marketing process, reducing technical glitches and improving coordination through automation tools. His essence of doing marketing is to disrupt the status quo by sending highly customer centric message with great personalization. In other words, marketing platforms, techniques and messages constantly need to evolve. As Subhakar Rao often keeps saying, " marketing can no longer afford expensive and inefficient legacy in this dynamic digital landscape".